Reimagined from the ground up.
One year older, one year wiser.

• An all new design. Study Cal has been reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up. The goal wasn’t just to come up with a new design, but to make one that would be even easier to use and pack in as much useful and relevant functionality as possible.
• You can now track your GPA. Track your GPA on a per-semester and overall basis. You can configure GPA scales on a per-class basis.
• Added a full screen daily and weekly calendar view, so you’ll always know when, and how long, upcoming events are relative to one another.
• Added gestures. Swipe to quickly complete assignments.
• Added morning and evening digest notifications. A morning digest notification is a single sentence summary about the day’s upcoming events. An evening digest notification tells about the next day’s events. Digest notifications are configurable by days of the week and time.
• Notes have been revamped in Study Cal 3. You can now add a title and multiple photos to a note. You can also create “free floating” notes that are not connected to events, but instead are connected to the class.
• You can now share/export semesters, classes, events, and notes.
• You can now search events by name, type, class, or note.
• More predictability. Study Cal 3 tells you BOTH the grade required to achieve the next letter grade in a class, AND the grade required to maintain your current letter grade in the class, when relevant — all in the same line. Study Cal 3 also predicts what your grade would be if you got a 100% on the assignment and what it would be if you got a 80% on the assignment.
• Added a new Tips and Tricks section.
• The grade history graph has been revamped and now displays a grade percentages on the side as well as which dates certain peaks were achieved.
• When viewing a grade, Study Cal now tells you exactly how much that grade counts towards your overall grade in the class.
• Improved support for block scheduling.
• Improved support for point based grading. You can now specify maximum points on the fly as you are adding a new assignment or grade.
• Improved support for internationalization. Study Cal is now available in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese, bringing the total number of languages supported to 9. GPA can be toggled and there are now more grading presets available for international grading scales.
• iCloud syncing has been vastly improved and is much faster and reliable than before.

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